TNQ is about doing “Polite Promotions”.
It is based on sharing images that say “Thank You” – or similar positive messages – on social media.
It is Easier, more Engaging and more Fun than leaving reviews.
Three easy steps:-
(i) Go to a tnq.gr page;
(ii) Click on a social network to share to;
(iii) Add comment, Post.
It’s a conversation starter.
“Have you seen our tnq page?”  or “Do you have a TNQ page?”
Leverage the immediacy.  No need to log into a stand-alone web site to add a review.
Suggest some fun words or phrases.   Build on the engagement.
Perhaps tnq.gr share could be used as an incentive?
Happy customers are the best customers.
….and, of course, tnq.gr can be used to thank customers, clients and friends.

Added value – associated promotions and links.
Each tnq.gr page can carry clickable images in its footer area.
These can be links to a business’s social media page or web site.  In fact – anywhere that has a web address.

More information?  Email  : chris@tnq.gr


Ευχαριστώ - Thank You