About TNQ.GR

TNQ.GR uses landscape pictures to add to a page.
The pictures are 1200 (w) x 628 (h) pixels.
This size gives best results for social media (as at June 2019).
For an “out of the box” version I need from you the picture you want to use.  I will overlay “Thank You” in handwritten font that complements the picture and add a border/frame.
I will also need the text you want to appear below the picture when it is shared on social media.  This will be the title of your web page.
This is a personal, hand crafted service – so there will be interaction.  A good email will be needed.  I prefer this as it provides both parties with a record of progress.
This service costs €47 to set up and €17 per year to host.
If interested in learning more please email me at chris@tnq.gr

Ευχαριστώ - Thank You